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from who is the mail?

yesterday, somebody had send us a mail.

I tried to answer the mail, but my program said the adress doesn't exist. so I search the person now.

whoever it was, I'm interested in why somebody visits 489-times one site - and there are no news.

for this person: this is a blog from me and my friend. so we don't write much on this site. we both have our own blogs. for me, I can say, I write more or less daily there.

If you are interested in mailing with us, let me know. I answer nearly every mail or comentar. (of course, my english is very bad)

and if you are interested in see our own sites, here are the adresses:

mine adress (little punk): http://maybe.2morrow.myblog.de/maybe.2morrow/

the adress from my friend (little emo):                           http://suezzer-kleiner-emo.myblog.de/suezzer-kleiner-emo/

bye for the moment and I hope for an answer,



4.8.07 23:17

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